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There is a delicate balance building a brand that is modern and edgy, yet appeals to medical professionals looking for trusted sources of information.
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Project Overview


Diamond Education Foundation



The Challenge

When Professional Is Not Enough

Diamond Research & Education Foundation was facing some challenges with both the visual and messaging aspects of their brand. While their current brand was clean and professional, they felt it lacked the modern and edgy vibe that would help engage and excite the most progressive and forward thinking minds in the medical industry to attend Diamond’s educational events.
Diamond Education Foundation
The Solution

The Road to Re-Brand

Lightwave began by leading Diamond through a process to discover and refine the language that would serve as a filter to make key decisions about the new brand including copy, visual identity, and their target audience. From there, Lightwave designed a new logo that represented aspects of Diamond’s core values such as a growth mindset and achievement. In this process, Diamond made a strategic decision with Lightwave to shorten their name to Diamond Education Foundation. From there, a new website was designed and developed focusing on simple, clear messaging that would build excitement around Diamond’s educational events. Gradient shapes and abstract icons were used to create a modern, edgy vibe. These elements were balanced out with clean use of space and images of medical professionals to build in a feel of trust and dependability.

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