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First Love International

First Love International selected Lightwave Creative to guide them through the brand development process. The strategy process resulted in a brand refresh that better represents who they are today in a way that will draw in their target audience.
Project Overview


First Love International



The Challenge

New Brand for a New Chapter

First Love International is a global nonprofit ministry focused on helping vulnerable people groups. In 2023 the Founder of the ministry retired and leadership was successfully transitioned to their new president, Phil Smith. One of the first goals Phil set for the ministry was to re clarify the mission with a new look and brand that would engage like minded individuals. The previous brand served them well, but no longer communicated the fresh modern ministry they had become.
First Love Donate Section Screenshot
The Solution

Bring Focus to the Mission

Leading the First Love International team through a messaging workshop helped them unlock the words to communicate the values, mission and internal positioning statements for their ministry. The gained understanding around the organization as well as helping them define their target audience and tone allowed us to make very clear decisions around their new visual identity. The result was a new brand the represented all parts of their ministry which we extended into their website, fundraising video, style guide and print marketing materials.
Logo Design Grid for First Love International

Brand introduction and fundraising development video created for First Love International.

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