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How it works

Starting with a thorough comprehension of your objectives, we craft a customized brand strategy, and follow through with a killer brand identity and website.

We’ve designed this process to be a nice dance between us. A “two-step” if you will!  Each step is fun and collaborative, and when the music ends you will have a brand ready to draw a crowd of fans wanting to know more about you!

Step 1

Brand Session Report
Brand Session

Unleash your brand! During your two hour session, we will shine a light on the key components of your business identifying opportunities for growth and success. Based on revelations from this session, you will be provided a thorough blueprint to follow in taking your brand “light-years” ahead of your competition!

Step 2

Brand Wave Intensive

With your Brand Session Blueprint as our guide, we’ll craft a brand package designed to make a lasting impression, foster admiration, spur sharing—and perhaps even evoke a touch of envy! In as little as a week, we can create your brand strategy, messaging, brand identity, and website, empowering you to hit the ground running and drive sales immediately.

Stay Light Headed

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Schedule a 15 minute fit call to learn more about our Light-Speed process.

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