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Panino’s Restaurant

Investing in a quality presentation of menus items for a local restaurant can be the boost it needs to rise above the competition in a highly competitive market.
Fast, Casual, Italian
Project Overview


Panino’s Restaurant



The Challenge

A Little Too Local

Panino’s has been a beloved local restaurant brand in the city of Rockford since its establishment over thirty years ago. Although the owners are proud to be a local establishment, they felt it was time for an upgrade to their brand presentation to me more on the level of a regional or national brand. Rockford is known for having amazing local dining options, and a solid brand strategy is crucial in order to grab attention and compete in the local market.
Child eating at Panino's
The Solution

People Eat With Their Eyes

Lightwave began by capturing high quality images of many of the key menu items. This immediately separates a restaurant from the majority of its local competitors. After all, people eat first with their eyes, and when they see quality images of the menu items, they want to follow up with a visit! The new imagery was immediately brought into a fresh website design and eventually into a redesign of the indoor menu boards, print menus, and drive thru menus for each of the Panino’s locations. With this new elevated brand presentation, the owners were able to increase margins and profits as a local establishment.

A New Website

Menu Redesign

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