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Ticknor Design-Build

Since its rounding in 1998, Ticknor Construction has evolved into a full design-build company and it was time for their brand and website to represent the quality of work they provide to the finest homes in Rockford.
Project Overview


Ticknor Design-Build



The Challenge

From Concept to Creation

Ticknor Design-Build takes their clients through a process beginning with conceptualizing new home spaces to the creation and completion of those spaces. This is some of the highest quality work homeowners can find when building or remodeling their homes. Ticknor needed the same process provided to them in order to conceptualize and create a new logo and website to present their portfolio of work.
The Solution

Presenting Art for the Artist

With a strong background in design, Ticknor had an eye for what looked good and what represented them well when it came to photography and website design. Redesigned the Ticknor logo with a strong nod to their previous logo which held value with the Ticknor team and their clients. From there, Lightwave worked through a discovery process to identify precisely how Ticknor envisioned their new brand identity taking shape. This informed all decisions when it came to building brand assets including photo shoots, copywriting, and layout and design choices. Once completed, Ticknor was equipped with a fresh logo, website, style guide including logos, fonts, and color palette, and an extended photo library of current work to present to potential clients.

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